Sunday, October 30, 2011

frown lines

ny dad and mum both have frown lines in between their eyes. will i get them too?
it strange because i (unwillingly) frown when i sleep.
perhaps its the stress from the all too rigorous education system

too big for me

i hate it when you go into clothes shops and their clothes are so humongous that you waste all your time there trying on clothes that look like they're going to fall off. I mean, they might be doing that to avoid offending (dare i say it) fat people, but they should spare a thought for the skinnies out there that want to look good too.

Which starts me on another rant. whats wrong with being fat? why is everyone afraid of being called fat? is fat really as offensive as thief or liar etc? NO! Its just a size, and in ancient china, fat people were considered beautiful, so if someone calls you fat just say "I'm an ancient chinese beauty." and don't get all uptight about it. If people can't call others fat without someone throwing a hissy fit, then people shouldn't be allowed to call other skinny either.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

i am what i eat

oh wow. this takes food couture to a whole other level.

butterfly fly away

i need`the freedom to play...i'm holed up hear studying chinese.
not my idea of fun.

tom and jerry

when the cat's away, the mice will play....monopoly deal :)


people used to ask if me and emily were twins...
i don't understand why, we are so different, even when we used to wear the same clothes. (nurse dress ftw)


wouldn't it be cool if singapore became a water park!
i need to swim. i haven't swum since june, and my swimming costume is too small.


Last night, at almost 10 o clock, i had to rush into Anchor point to buy blush for my mother, who urgently needed it because she was meeting the minister of health the next day.
i ran into watson's (under the metal gate thing that was already half closed) and scrambled around looking for blush.
The (at last) i got to the counter, and the man beeped the blush and asked for $18.90.
i only had $16.
so i had to apologise and run back up and tell my dad i couldn't buy it because i didn't have enough money
My ad gave me more money and asked me to run back down.
so i did.
when i asked the man if i could buy the blush again, he looked really sad and said
"but i just...."
but he did let me buy it, thank goodness!
all that embarrassment for the sake of blush.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

you win some,you lose some

This evening, my brother revealed that he had received a credit for his maths test. it was a commendable achievement on his part, but i had to bite my tongue from blurting out that I had got a high distinction for my writing test. Thankfully i didn't say it, though at that moment i felt a slight twinge of injustice.

just because my achievements surpassed tim's, did it mean i had to hide mine?
but of course.

I got the explanation from a favorite book of mine, the little world of Don Camillo:

Don Camillo reflected awhile. "In fact," he said, "it was better that the others should win."

"Exactly, Don Camillo."

"Then, Lord," said Don Camillo, "I thank you for having allowed me to lose. And if I tell you that I accept the defeat as a punishment for my dishonesty, You must believe that I am really penitent."

i mean, what really is wrong with losing? :) or pretending to?

kings and queens

what couldn't i do if i were a queen...

together forever

don't mess with the forces of nature all.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

in gods sight

In ancient egypt, cattle were worth more than humans.
not to god they weren't

Monday, October 24, 2011

I was enchanted to meet you

i shall now turn my back on my silly little heart for a while and focus on clearing the work that is piling up in front of me.

squeaky clean

Sunday, October 23, 2011

and i can't wait to see you again

today Emily came over after church.
it was really fun, we practiced ballet and went for a walk around the estate, and then we played on the trampoline (and Emily kept crashing into the net surrounding the trampoline) and ate chocolate and played monopoly deal (i won)
i wish Sundays could always be like this but unfortunately i have Chinese o levels coming up and i have a thick stack of practice papers due tmrw lying unfinished on the desk.

why thank you

i think the nicest thing a guy has said to me (that i reamember) was "i think your hair looks really nice..."
i mean, thata kind of sad when you think about it. i'm 15 and that's the best compliment i've received from a male (apart from daddy and tim)

summer daze...

longer messages pls?

This also applies to messages that are so short. Like yupp, ok, yes, no... i mean
to all those out there who do this: CHANGE that habit.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

literary heroines

sometimes i feel i can identify with the characters i read in books more than the people around me in real life.
For example, Anne frank, and the march sisters.

Like Anne, i have the outside Miriam and the inside Miriam, the tactless, overly-chatty or sometimes so shy that its just awkward, and i have the deeper, more peaceful Miriam who like Anne, "hides behind (her) chatty exterior" because i don't want to open up too much, in case i can never  get myself back.

Then just like the march sisters, i have the quirks and sins that i struggle with.

Like Meg, I'm a vain thing that likes comfort.
like Jo, i have a quick temper, and when i get angry, i get really mad. and like Jo, i found that just walking away and realising that whatever others said is just silly little things not worth me getting all riled up over, helps alot.
like Beth, I'm afraid of meeting new people, and get horribly shy.
like Amy, I'm a perfectionist and have a flat nose that is the bane of my face.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I love kids

SO funny. i think little kids are wiser than big ones.

i loike

nice concept, bad spelling

flowers don't worry, why should we?

"Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin"
Trust in the Lord.

those little quirks :)

he says 'man' alot. like (quote from a text)

"that's first class advice man"

if only he could use it in this sentence.

he also uses the word "imma" alot.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

deja vu

this is
but i just don't know about the mutuality or the reciprocation...

you take my feet off the ground, spin me around

this my dear lovely X is how i feel when i'm around you.
i just get transformed into a whole better me, wanting to be good

mad, bad and sad, not glad

this is how i felt when i got back my literature paper.
but there's always the silver lining because....

gracious society

and remember young children, to follow the example of your most polite and refined elders.


body conscious

recently, i have been growing fatter. this is true, and sad, because i always thought that my (assumed) high metabolism would save me the unfortunate need to watch what i ate.
now i have to :(
i sometimes wish that the world didn't care about weight, and that it would be fashionable to be fat, but then i realise i probably wouldn't want to be even then.
and no, i am not anorexic, just vain.


i am so angry at my lit. teacher :(
she didn;t even read my essay properly and consider my point of view, but instead she just diregarded it because it didn't emulate her "oh-so-perfet" opinion.
i mean, literature is about freedom and perspective, and there shouldn't be a fixed set of answers!
because of her my lit marks are now the worst i have ever gotten in my life.

teachers just don't get it do they?

the emotional capacity of a teaspoon

sometimes i really wonder if X can tell and he's just avoiding me, or if he has no clue and i should be more obvious and risk eternal embarrassment in church.

dear diary

i tried to keep a diary last week.
it lasted one afternoon.

Monday, October 17, 2011


I AGREE WITH ALL except number 14.
14. drinking a cup of hot chocolate or cold juice


the government should sell cigarette packets with these inside instead so that people wouldn't be smoking like disgusting chimnet pots and polluting the air.
btw, i found out how to say no smoking in malay: dilarang merokok


i love cadbury's old gold dark chocolate and almonds. cadbury's used to have this beautiful advert that would send me into a happy state everytime....wouldn't it be nice if the world was cadbury...


i think i'm too vain. lately i've got loads of mosquito bites on my arms, neck and face (31 altogether on my arms) and i'm freaking out because they are all red and ugly.

i'm not even worried aboout getting dengue, and i'm more worried about marring my skin.
you are a disgusting, vain, prig miriam and i am am ashamed at me.

dial emma

my dear brother's birthday is in 2 days.
and i haven;t got him a present!!!!!!!!
i have a dilemma (pronounces dial-emma by some strange people)
suggestions anyone?

hey, you're cute

awwwwwwwwwww. someone send me this cat
and then stay and talk for a while
i'm lonely and thats the plain, unvarnished and sad truth.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Dear emily, get well soon. try these ancient red indian pocahontas herbs to cure your poor throat.

Sweetflag or calamus (Acorus), which is thought to have 'mystic powers' oooooooh.
Bloodroot (Sanguinaria). wards off evil spirits, but is at the same time, poisonous. consume at your own risk.
Coneflower (Echinacea, Rudbeckia). i actually have echinacea and it actually works amazingly when you put a few drops in your ribena)
Wild cherry (Prunus virginiana) bark.


And this is interesting...."Tribal cultures interpret disease and human suffering as disharmony. An individual suffers because in some way he or she has fallen out of harmony. The person who does not feel well has gotten out of phase with the correct relationships."

keep your relationships healthy and happy, and god bless you.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

i need some magic in my life

Dear unicorns,

you weren't invited.



Dear unicorns,

if you descend from heaven to Singapore, take the green line to commonwealth and use your magical intuition to find me, i'm sure i could give you a cupcake to cheer you up.
by the way, i have my little ponies that need baby sitting, could you....

lots of love,

P.S please first disguise yourself as humans. the government does not allow animals on the MRT.

please STOP

this picture is entirely not true.
girls say "why are you doing this to me?"
to boys who (continually) say no.

hooray for shopping day

IN the MRT:
on the way there, i sat next to this cute toddler and played car-rolling with his toy car (with him, i didn't steal it and play with it by myself)
and then when i was going home i gave my seat up to an old lady. so i feel pretty happy :)

the downside is that i didn't manage to buy any thing for timmy's birthday although it is in seven days.
oh no. DOOMED
and i have school tomorrow.
i am getting back results. xx
that was supposed to be a dead face

Monday, October 10, 2011

coincidence? i have no idea

today, i went shopping. in three hours of shopping i saw:
1)a retired teacher from my school
2) my primary school bus driver (who i waved to as i was crossing the road.he was in his bus)
3) my sisters friend valerie, who i waved to and hugged before she had to rush off for a movie
4) numerous other girls from my school