Monday, December 16, 2013

i really like doing this i never knew other people did it too

Some pictures from choir (aly pictures)

basically choir is eating my life

i had 3 practices and  1 performance last week

which was after 2 practices and 1 performance the previous week

and i have carolling this week

I get so stressed cos i'm the emcee and so i have RESPONSIBILITIES

on friday i couldn't remember my  lines and i kept stumbling over words and titles and composers
it got to a point where i was so frustrated i sighed into the microphone and rolled my eyes

strike one hundred

some fears

I'm scared of being forgotten
I'm scared of disappointing people
I'm scared of annoying people

Sunday, December 15, 2013


Today i made crepes for breakfast

I woke up specially at 6.30 ish to make the batter so it could stand (and the gluten could relax) before i fried it

It's so easy actually because all you have to do it measure ingredients and stuff it in a blender and puree it. It's the frying that's difficult (here's the recipe in case you want to make so,they only take half an hour maximum to prepare i promise, including waiting 15 mins for the gluten to relax)

Anyway, i was slightly disappointed with the first one because i tried my hardest to make the best crepe on the planet by following one of the rules of making the best crepes (found on google-the same place that taught me that putting bleach in vase water stops it from smelling, which is true, but it also makes all your flowers fall off their stems) which calls for one to use a NOT non stick pan, and to flip with your fingers.

Unfortunately, they didn't tell you how painful it is to flip a hot hot hot crepe with your fingers centimeters away from burning metal. The ends of my fingers are pink and sore now

After that i switched to a non stick pan which was thankfully much easier and cooler, and i successfully made about 6 crepes, which Tim, Mum, Dad and I ate for breakfast (i had banana and nutella with mine)

This afternoon, i made 3 for hannah, 2 for tim, 1 for dad and 1 more for myself, and now all the batter is gone

But i'll definitely be making them again.

Friday, December 13, 2013

episode 1256765432

Yesterday my dad and i went to the grocery store (at like 10 at night-yes we are secretly vampires)

and because christmas is in 12 days (!!!!) there was christmas music playing, including the incredibly cheesy but also very nice ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOUUuuuuOOUuuuOOUOUuUu

ad i so i was dancing in the aisles because how can you not when it's that song (also i was wearing my red indian shoes which are very slippery so i was enjoying sliding everywhere)

i got to the cashier to ask the lady where the strepsils were (my throat-every time i swallow i feel like razor blades)

as she walked me to the sweets isle (where the strepsils live) she said 'you like dancing?'

and i laughed and nodded

and she seemed so amused she hugged me

and when she realised i had a sore throat she gave me tips on how to cure it (apparent;y star fruits and salt are a cure all)

what a lovely lady

i should dance more

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Today i kind of basically actually did live out a real life 'home run' (if you don't know what homerun is YOU ARE NOT TRULY A SINGAPOREAN

So when i went to Vietnam i wore my very old trainers-i.e the school shoes I've been wearing this year and have been using to traipse through Indochina for all our family holidays. They're kind of torn and a strange shade of grey and so i told myself, I'll probably leave them in Vietnam.

So when we had to wade through knee high muddy water after a cycling trip gone a little crazy, i told myself 'ok these shoes are dead. gone. forever.' and i bid them goodbye, leaving them in the Vinh Long hotel room in their sodden crusty muddy broken state hoped some genius might be able to use them somehow. And i wore my red flip flops for the rest of the trip.

But when i got home i realised

now i had no more school shoes

no more sports shoes for training

And i have to go back to school basically everyday

SO the first day i had to go back, i wore Hannah's new white and pink trainers. But they were huge and they chafed my ankles so that i got two ugly blisters.

Then i tried my Mum's white blue trainers, which were huge too and gave me different blisters and also became very wet after i got caught in the rain without an umbrella.

On track day i wore slippers and did my warm ups in socks

And this morning for choir i had to borrow Tim's shoes (which were a bit roomy and and very grey but the best yet. Plus they were super comfy)

Anyway so yeah now I'm a home run kid, borrowing shoes from my brother.

(p.s a nelipot is someone who likes going barefoot)

my week in bullets points

-advent concert


-shopping with Ben (stupid rain)

-da paolo to make up for the rainy weather

-reading amy tan novels all day everyday

-seeing Ben getting his haircut (yawn)

-reliving Vietnam in my head over and over and over again

-getting a surprise whatsapp from ellis and remembering how much i love being her friend

-getting  a surprise whatsapp from bramina and remembering how much i love being her friend

-feeling bad that i didn't send bramina's letter earlier

-freaking out over lit

-listening to the like crazy soundtrack on repeat

-first OGL meeting (failing the attire check miserably like the rebel child i am. but really please. NO TURTLE EARRINGS? what is this blasphemy)

-stupid whatsapp conversations with the clan and laughing a lot (abs here i come)

-really good training today (matched my PB, working on getting it lower lower lower!)

-phone call to hannah yesterday, miss her love her, hope she gets into cambridge because i'm excited to go to spain with her just us just sisters

 r e a l i s i n g     t ha t     m y     l i f e     l a ck s    t i me    a  n d     t h a t     i    d o n ' t    f e  e l   e x ci t ed     f o r     t h i n g s     i     t h o u g h t   w  o u l d   e x c i te   m  e

and at the same time

i    g e t   e x c i t ed    o v e r    s m all   t h in g s

(like this-taken during a drought in america and absolutely beautiful)